"RECLAIMED 2. Voices for Freedom" is a community exhibition of artworks that use recycled / upcycled cardboard and/or paper bags, found objects, and rescued fabrics for their material support.  All media are eligible. The only requirement is that recycled cardboard or paper bags be involved in the artworks' fabrication. 

Concept: Creating art should be affordable and accessible to everyone. The inspiration for a paper bag art show came about during the lockdown of the pandemic and a desire to build community with creative projects. We want to display original pieces done on paper bags and cardboard to demonstrate that anything can be turned into a work of art. By reclaiming and reusing materials that have already served their intended purpose we are also reducing our ecological impact.

Narrative Theme: Artwork should reflect a message of sustainability and solidarity. Art has the power to give a voice to the voiceless. Our goal is to represent the diversity of our community and speak out for the issues that matter most.

Display (physical and 2D image gallery):The artwork can be flat or somewhat sculptural and shown on the wall (with the possibility of hanging mobiles too). A main wall of cardboard pieces will feature beautiful protest signs and large cardboard art with a message. Other cardboard/paper/fabric sculptures and portraits can be stand alone. Please submit well lit photographs with a plain background to be featured in the online gallery. Space for found object artwork on pedestals will be limited.

Submit up to three works of art that reflect your culture by prioritizing solidarity and sustainability. 

The exhibition will be on view during July of 2024 at the Brenda Tuxford Gallery (422 1st Street, Old Town Eureka). 30% of all sales go to support the Brenda Tuxford Gallery, a nonprofit program of the Ink People Center for Art and Culture.

Submissions deadline: June 28, 2024.

Ink People Center for the Arts